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Travel: Simply Navy and White

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Check, Blues and Grey


Allowing myself a weekend retreat into the Gap 1969 bf jeans when the weather turned cool again and wet. This knitted blazer by H&M was a great find a few years ago now. It’s really a good quality and fit. I usually find the details of a jacket such as the revers, button closure not to mention shoulder width, sleeve length and overall length all the wrong proportion on me. My eternal quest is for a narrow cut on the shoulders yet an easy fit in the body and short enough in the body not to overwhelm. Difficult. Continue reading

Grey and Rouge H

GREYROUGEHI wear a lot of greys and knew to add brights to liven it up but rich colours also work for me like this Hermès Drag bag in their signature Rouge H colour. It was a very casual weekend cooking a full Sunday roast for lunch for the family and such a beautiful day I took her out for the first time. Continue reading

Kelly: Change of Season

A now typical run around outfit of bf jeans, jumper, scarf, slippers and Kelly.

HSEASONMy beloved chocolate brown box Kelly 32cm Retourne. Imagine if bags could talk, what tales would mine have to tell? She’s 45 years old and was in great condition when I found her. However, as she was only my second Hermès bag back when I first started my *ahem* H journey, I simply didn’t know to begin conditioning her straight away. I was horrified when she began to show signs of her age and set about giving a first ‘home spa’. The last spa – including waterproofing – was just before the Summer and it’s well worth the time and effort. The next spa round will be early next year.

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More Scarf Love, Out and About

HSCARF3For the last day of my London stay, I wore a Zara Kids navy skinny jumper with black Zara trousers, snake slippers, belt and scarf. Even though it’s a kid’s jumper, it’s still too long in the body for me creating these unsightly ripples around my middle unless I keep smoothing them down. I wanted some short jumpers a few years ago and these were the best I could find then. Sometimes I can get away with the half tuck trick but not always. Happily crop (on average height people) jumpers are now available! More about those later.HASCARFIf you haven’t seen enough of this scarf from the Summer, here’s more of it 🙂 It simply works with everything I wear and gives my plain, classic outfit a much needed lift with pattern and colour. And I’ve only just begun – there are so many other ways to wear and use it! Continue reading

Small Town to Big City

I spent a couple of days (sans enfants) in London and enjoyed it a lot! It was just long enough to relax and reflect before any kind of boredom had the chance to set in. As a former resident I never had the need to stay in a hotel in the capital before. It’s really nice to re-discover London as a mock-country-dwelling-tourist.

CCH On the train: Brown Caviar Chanel Jumbo, Hermès Coup de Fouet scarf, envirosax. I love train travel when it’s off peak and empty.GREY3I freshened up on our arrival at the hotel and changed into a grey shift with zip details (Michael Kors) for a buffet dinner. The cardigan is my old faithful cashmere (Escada) with a couple of Hermès cuffs, python Jimmy Choo kitten heels and caviar Chanel Jumbo. That drawing by Picasso behind me happens to be one of my most favourites. Continue reading