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Last Pink and Green

MAGENTAFLOWERSThe last dress up day of my holiday last month when I wore the printed skirt, pink and green accessories again. Continue reading


Green and Pink

JIGDESSERT The green Jigé in the rather lovely surroundings of my friend’s beautiful new home. Continue reading

Cosy Camel Duo

CAMELCOATAsleep again – sorry! This is my beloved pure camel hair coat by Jaeger. It was vintage when I bought it several years ago. Even the pockets are lined with the same material and the sleeves are nice and wide to accommodate layers. I took this coat on a short visit to Beijing in January 2010 – yes, it was colder there than I’ve ever been in my whole life x10!!

TWEENDUFFLEHere’s my bright eyed little cuddly Tween girl in her new duffle coat from Monsoon. I wanted a light coloured coat for her for a change but wondering how long it’ll last because she’s pretty hard on her things. The faux fur has a little burgundy in the camel/beige and is really lovely. The fur trim is removeable so when it gets a little warmer, we’ll unbutton it off so she has a different look – I love flexible wardrobe pieces! Here’s how quickly she’s catching up with me at 11 years old…..

CAMELDUOThanks for reading!

Mall Trio

My youngest girl, Sweetie is wearing the very first dress I ever bought her big sister from H&M Girls – it was better quality then. My Boy is having a very casual day…Tween seems to know how to add her own jewels. This is another Monsoon dress from the good old days. Amazing colour and details. The cardi is Gap.

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Fly Me To The Moon!

The surprises that happen when you least expect them! Yep, that’s me in a helicopter I just came across the other day. If I had time to prepare for a helicopter ride, I would have stressed out so much but as it was, all I had to do was simply jump in. So this dress is now officially my ‘flying dress’!

How not to descend from your chopper! See, this is why I don’t wear my dresses too short just in case I end up having to do this sort of thing…Yeah, the pilot was cute.

It was a magical feeling to be in the air and having an almost 360′ view of the horizon and the ground below.

My kids were so in awe as you can imagine. Anything that’s good enough for Suri Cruise is good enough for my trio – lol!

I love how my Boy got into the drama of the occasion and how the wind whipped up Tween girl’s long hair.

They all did so well. I forgot to take a photo of me wearing my yellow life jacket – that was the ultimate colour blocking.