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Colour and Pattern


I used to be so afraid of colour and pattern that I avoided them entirely – what a waste! With age comes a certain confidence (if nothing else …) and I ventured in both colour and pattern starting with those that I always liked such as blues, yellows and pinks to lift my beloved neutrals of navy, tans and whites. Now I find myself mixing everything and loving it. These two scarves were bought separately a long time apart and only recently did I see how the colours are echoed in both – the magic of Hermès! Continue reading

Closet Update: New Pants

LONGCOATLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #147

Subtitles: Camel and Cashmere or Whip My Hair 🙂 Continue reading


PUFFAI’ve always wanted a puffa jacket but everything that can go wrong in a normal jacket for me such as too big shoulders, too long sleeves, excessive bulk are further magnified in a padded version. Until this came along. Continue reading

Mannish Classics and Colours

MANNISH14CLOSE Linking to Patti’s blog Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I really like mannish elements balanced with a little femininity. This is a variation of my Winter outfit here, here and for Spring here. Continue reading

Spring Coat and Kelly

CHINOSKELLY3I’m struggling with the transition to Spring – can you tell? It was still grey and wet most days last week where I am but undeniably light and I’m just thrown off as always at the beginning. I need to dress up and reset the balance. In the meantime, I’m really enjoying my old Burberry coat in mostly wool, with a detachable hood and big patch pockets. It can withstand a shower but not a downpour and has to be nicely hung up to dry off afterwards indoors otherwise it will crease horribly. Here originally and here.

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Man, I Feel Like a Woman!

CHAMKELLYA bright Winter’s day never fails to cheer me up. I find the gloomy darkness more difficult to take than sub zero temperatures. I’ve now moved on to lined wool trousers to keep warm when not in tights and knee boots.  Continue reading

Cords and Brogues

CORDSI hope you’re all enjoying the holidays as much as we are! I did indulge in so many ways and here’s how: cords by Gap and tan brogues by M&S Boys as seen at Sue So So (not the first time and I dare say not the last by far – she’s found excellent and well priced items). Thank you Sue! Tan brogues have been on my shopping list for over a year eversince I got some in patent black. I found tan loafers in the Summer but no brogues until now. Continue reading