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SILKPRINTPANTSIt’s been so long, all I can do is share a few random remarks and offer profuse apologies.
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Travel: Scarf Top

SCARFASTOPI’ve always, always wanted to try this after seeing it in the Hermès scarf booklet in the 80’s. Continue reading

Packing in Mind + Gap 30% Off Alert

I am a better packer these days and I’m always on the lookout for tips on how to improve. Although I rarely travel or spend time away from home in the last few years, my kids are now at an age where they’re away from home officially on various school trips, sleep overs with family and friends. I’m still hopeless with packing their bags! Admittedly it’s always easier with school trips because they provide an actual packing list. In the case of my Tween, her toiletries and medication exceed the norm but can’t be helped. Her latest trip was a 3 night stay in a tent at an activities centre – I’ve been dreading it since the announcement several months ago. It turned out fine – the only clothes she didn’t wear were just a few packed specifically for an activity they couldn’t do in the end.

Anyway, over to packing for the Summer holidays to come sooner than later. Here are some nude sandals nabbed in the January NAP sale:

KJACQUESSANDALSK Jacques thong gladiators. MUSAFLIPFLOPMusa gold flip flops, my only pair. Before I get to what I’m packing, I have to show you these Gap pants. GAPLINENTROUSERS2I’m so excited about these black linen pants! If you haven’t already heard, they’re here with 30% off full priced items until 1st June with SUNNYDAY code. Continue reading