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Denim Skirt and Chambray Shirt

DENIMCHAMBRARY Introducing my second denim skirt, my only other one is a dark denim pencil style with a front pleat that I don’t wear often. This one looks like I’ve had it forever complete with frayed hem and I’m sorry to say it didn’t come from a charity shop – not for lack of looking over the years, believe me! Continue reading


Recent Details

Owning a smartphone allows me to take close up details whenever I feel like it! You know me, always late to the party 🙂

RHPRINCESSE3Chambray Gap Men shirt, Gap 1969 bf jeans, vintage Hermès Princesse Rouge H alligator bag.RHPRINCESSE2The stitches are so tiny, they’re just a bit bigger than the pores. This is the nearest to the true colour in real life, a deep cherry red.TRENCHLILACWHITELilac The Cashmere Company jumper, Gap 1969 bf jeans, vintage Next belt, Burberry Havanne trench, Céline chêvre bag. BURBCELINECamel and Stone.

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Closet Basic: Grey Bf Jeans

PINKYELLOWI’m trying to be a better gardener and getting close to nature on my hands and knees weeding 🙂 It’s progress for someone who doesn’t really ‘do’ outside in this way and a way to force myself to overcome lifelong phobias – yes it’s all true – gardening is very therapeutic!PINKROSES Sadly, they’re unscented – my wildest dream would be to have a garden bursting with fragrant blooms all year round! Then, maybe I’d be more ‘outdoors-y’. Continue reading

After the Rain

YELLOWROSE2 YELLOWROSEIn UK, there’s at least 865 different sorts of rain. At least. Well, the other day we enjoyed a rainstorm. My garden is grateful since the ground had cracks in it, however, the blooming yellow roses are plagued with aphids. I really have to take action!SHIRTDRESS A quickie outfit shot before we left to visit my MIL who is over 80, has osteoporosis and fell twice breaking a couple of bones. Thankfully she’s very slowly on the mend in hospital. Continue reading

Chambray and White Jeans

CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANSI LOVE wearing white pants here, here, here, here and here. These Gap 1969 white bf jeans were among the last flurry of jeans hoarding nearly a year ago but Spring was a wash out and I didn’t wear them all last Summer. The Chambray shirt is from Gap Men and a fantastic quality and make. Again, it’s passable for the denim shirt look. Continue reading

Casuals and Nubuck

CHAMBRAYCHINONUBUCK Even just 3 years ago, this outfit wouldn’t be possible for me to put together. Sometimes I think the closet best suited to me and my life is like a big jigsaw puzzle and finding all the pieces is the journey. These chino pants by Banana Republic are from 2011 and underwent a shortening last year. It’s very useful during Spring and just this year I can wear them with a little Chambray shirt by Current Elliott found last Autumn also here. It’s thick enough to pass for denim.CHAMBRAYCHINONUBUCK2 Sam Edelman pointy toe patent flats are so easy to wear and keeps the outfit from being too casual. NUBUCKThis is a very old bag by Coach that has survived an unfortunate incident where my Tween managed to spill an entire tall glass of milkshake at the restaurant table when she was about 6. I had no idea what a huge area – we’re talking hectares – that volume of shake could cover … neither did the other customers! Fortunately it was banana flavour and not chocolate! I let it dry out and used a few of those leather wipes. That was my first ever foray into leather care. I think I used a bit too much because the nubuck felt a little dry afterwards.

I love the beautiful patina on the strap. It’s just a very good size and simple style.

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Casual Luxe

SPRINGKHAKI5So how is Spring where you are? I expected to be wearing dresses and skirts by now but no, it’s the jeans and booties combo again due to the cold, rain and high winds whipping my hair!

SPRINGKHAKIAnd essential parka! This is by Gap Men, it’s all cotton, unlined, buttoned through and fabulous because of the secure zipped detachable hood, lovely pockets and being machine washable – can’t ask for more! Continue reading