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Floral Part 2

FLORALPART2BI got to wear the Oasis floral pencil skirt again with the Sergio Rossi heels for a dinner out. Continue reading


Floral Valentine

CABLEFLORALLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #149

I thought for sure my luck finally ran out for finding High Street treasures when I spotted this floral skirt at Oasis a few months ago and HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.

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‘La’ Brique and Safari Green

LABRIQUEKHAKIGREEN2Keeping it real by including my wheely bin in the shots! I’ve been working some more in the garden timing it in between the downpours. Today is glorious and we can fully enjoy the delights of a tidy garden. This is an old safari dress by Oasis, another High Street treasure that comes out every Summer. Continue reading

KSport x 2

KSPORTCLOSEKSPORT5I was very good and didn’t wear any jeans since that last outfit but the weather pushed me back into them! Briefly. It was bright and warm in the sun but mostly freezing cold out of it so jeans it had to be to balance out the extremes. Gap 1969 indigo real straight, Zara Girls red gingham shirt, H&M navy knit jacket also here, Sam Edelman boots, vintage Gucci belt, Oasis silk neckerchief and Hermès Kelly Sport also here and here. Continue reading

Review: Linen Shirts

KSPORT3 Recently, I went looking for a linen shirt or blouse. I had a white linen shirt decades ago and wore it so much it frayed and tore. It was incredibly useful and it’s time to find a replacement. I started off in TK Maxx with a navy collarless style, it wasn’t linen – rayon – but it had the same kind of floppiness I like. Huge.KSPORT4This is linen and felt very lovely, however, it was a size too big and the front panel was so badly sewn I couldn’t overlook it! Continue reading

Spring Basics: 3 x Pencil Skirts


Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday!

We’re enjoying the last bit of time before normal chaos routine starts next week 🙂 I love wearing skirts all the year round and recently Jill of Everything Just So and Adrienne of A Rich Life (on a budget) featured skirts on their fantastic ‘How I Wear My..’ series.

So this is my first pencil skirt outfit of the holidays. The nautical knit jacket is Banana Republic from a year ago here and the grey wool skirt is also BR from 2 years before that so you know I’m still mixing.PENCILWith the navy version of the little vintage lambswool jumper by M&S (camel colour here), white Rag & Bone brogues and vintage bamboo handle croco bag.DGPENCILSecond outfit with the floral pattern D&G – this is the only item of the brand I own and the fit is very nice indeed. On this occasion dressed down with a camel cotton jumper by H&M Men and Cobra Society slippers. Continue reading

Travel: Excursion

TEETRSThe day started safely enough with a hearty brunch since we booked a tour to visit a Berber village in the valley outside the city. This was the quickest tour, the others involved 5+ hours of driving in the desert or the Atlas mountains. LIFTTEETRS ROAD1We were in a small transit van of a bus, 2 other couples and an elderly French gentleman. ROAD2The roads were mostly like this to start with. Continue reading