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Oscars 2014: Favourites

article-2571890-1BFB7FDF00000578-258_634x747The Oscar winners (and others) have had the time to catch up on their sleep and the rest of us had the chance to dissect and digest what everyone wore. These are the stand out looks for me. Who would have thought Pink had it in her to look so stunningly beautiful in what is for her a rather traditional evening gown? Continue reading


Jolly H-Happy!

It’s the school holidays and I have 3 kids to occupy for 14 hours a day – OK 12 if we don’t count meal times. How come they don’t understand ‘relax‘ as a verb or command and can’t lie in – or are they just saving it up for the slothful teen years? And it’s only the first week….They keep me on my toes because they’re growing up all the time and as soon as I think I have them sussed they surprise me. Have you ever seen non -triplets have a 3 way slanging match? It’s not as ugly as it sounds because they don’t swear – at least not until the very, very last part if I intervene a little too late 🙂 I read somewhere that parents should stand back and ‘allow’ siblings to ‘resolve’ their own problems because they learn how to compromise this way…how long a time frame are we talking about for this? It’s not working so far!

Not very Jolly. So I packed my youngest 2 off to Day Camp while Tween and I escaped to London. I had an important errand to run anyway but not so important that she couldn’t come too. No guilt.

CCBACKPACKI love going into London very early in the morning when most commuters are safely installed at their workplaces and there are hardly any tourists on the streets. We made our way to New Bond Street and it was barely ready to open. Most places still had the cleaners sweeping the doorstep and vacuuming inside.

MAXMARAAt Max Mara, monochrome rarely fails to look sharp and elegant. PRADA2Retro at Prada. PRADASmaller bags are making a come back.K28SILKLINENOutside Hermès, carrying my Kelly 28 in black box leather and an Evirosax bag. Continue reading



Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I love green and was immediately taken by this Cos dress in the sales last year. It’s pure cotton, unlined, machine washable and amazingly well made. And it has sleeves! The style is retro, like a ‘sack’ dress from the 50’s. The zip pockets add a little modernity. I liked how it looked with my Prada platform wedges – I usually only wear them away on holiday.GREENSTRAW These wedges are old and made with white leather and woven straw. Yes, the dress is really, really green 🙂 Continue reading

London: Prada, YSL, Hermès and Chanel (Mothership)

I prefer to window shop in the early morning before the crowds arrive. Selfridges was very colourful and I always love fresh flowers.

Beautiful fruit colours at Prada.

This looks like a very useful tote, under the buckle is a zip so you can either leave it unzipped and close the magnetic buckle or both for maximum security. The colour was charcoal – a very beautiful bag.

The shoulder bag version of the Muse style. I think I prefer it as a satchel like this. The only thing I dislike is the canvas lining that also shows around the edges of the bag.

My own Ms Céline Micro during a mid morning tea break.

I love these super stylish ladies in the rain.

Hermès had only menswear in the window so I had to go in for a snoop.

This lady was at the counter watching the Sales lady demonstrate the many ways to wear a twilly scarf. She parked her Ghillie on the glass top. I wish I could show you the other lady carrying the patent Chanel bag – they were so completely opposite! The Hermès lady was all refinement, a simple peasant blouse over plain black trousers. But the blouse was obviously a very fine linen and the trousers a tailored fine cotton gaberdine – may well have been by Hermès but it didn’t matter. Her necklace and cuff were certainly Hermès. The other lady by contrast was all voluptuousness in a tight knit top and tighter jeans carrying a patent bag.

I really wanted to stay to watch the Twilly demo but had to go to Chanel. You see I felt the pull of the mothership! I went to buy the Rouge Noire lipstick – used to wear this a lot in the 90’s. This time I am going to save it for the Autumn/Winter. I mix with it my other reds to make burgundy, plum or raspberry shades. I checked out the Jumbo Reissue bag which is now [{gasp} over £3200! I went to pay for the lipstick and had a very nice conversation with the cashier. He told me they will be moving up Bond Street to take over where Nicole Fahri used to be. Chanel Fine Jewellery will move into their building. Apparently they want to keep it since it was the first Chanel boutique in London. He was asking me if I was on their database and I confessed that I was back in the late 80’s when I used to buy perfume and make up from there only, never at a concession. He said I must remember the old décor when they had a staircase too and I also realised he might not have been born then!

Incredible how modern the packaging is considering when Mlle Chanel first conceived it. Well, that was my last trip to London until the Autumn. Thanks for reading!

Breakaway Day 13: Casual Red & White

Here’s my favourite red/white gingham shirt and wide linen trousers for a spot of gift buying. Even when it’s hot, I like to stay fairly covered up – in any case I don’t do too well with air conditioning and always feel their cold blasts! One thing I’ve learnt from this trip, a clutch is so useful and makes a nice change used during the day which is rare for me.

Breakaway Day 3: Fashion magazine, Patisserie & Coffee

This fash mag has the honourable distinction of being the first I’ve bought for a whole year. I used to buy several since I was a teen (and before!) but stopped because there was no point since so much is available online. It’s very nice though to be able to relax and flick through between the coffee and nibbles. There’s so much crammed on each page that it does take a while to digest all the information. This particular issue has a lot of things I love for Spring/Summer including the gorgeous ‘playsuits’ by Prada and D&G – so retro yet thoroughly modern:

Mrs Beckham showing us how it’s done.

I take my time and as the magazine has a free juicy Best Dressed supplement, it will probably last me until I get home.