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Recent Details

Owning a smartphone allows me to take close up details whenever I feel like it! You know me, always late to the party 🙂

RHPRINCESSE3Chambray Gap Men shirt, Gap 1969 bf jeans, vintage Hermès Princesse Rouge H alligator bag.RHPRINCESSE2The stitches are so tiny, they’re just a bit bigger than the pores. This is the nearest to the true colour in real life, a deep cherry red.TRENCHLILACWHITELilac The Cashmere Company jumper, Gap 1969 bf jeans, vintage Next belt, Burberry Havanne trench, CĂ©line chĂŞvre bag. BURBCELINECamel and Stone.

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Chambray and White Jeans

CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANSI LOVE wearing white pants here, here, here, here and here. These Gap 1969 white bf jeans were among the last flurry of jeans hoarding nearly a year ago but Spring was a wash out and I didn’t wear them all last Summer. The Chambray shirt is from Gap Men and a fantastic quality and make. Again, it’s passable for the denim shirt look. Continue reading

A Rainbow in My Bag

KBRIQUE2I saw a photo of the contents of a woman’s bag years ago containing the usual items of wallet, card case, cosmetic bag etc, the difference was that they were all in the most beautiful colours I’d ever seen – yep, Hermès colours! I used to avoid bright colours on their own let alone together! Yet these colours were all different and didn’t clash, in fact they just intensified each other. That image had such an impact I decided there and then to do the same over time as and when my needs arose. And over time I noticed my wallet had become a most unattractive lump of jumbled receipts, vouchers, cards and cash. No matter how often I tidy it up, no sooner done than for it to happen again practically overnight – lumpier than ever! I’ve never been one for carrying everything but the kitchen sink in my bag so I realised perhaps only a little re-think was necessary. Not a complete overhaul but an adjustment to better suit my current and future needs whilst indulging in colours I love. Continue reading

Jolly H-Happy!

It’s the school holidays and I have 3 kids to occupy for 14 hours a day – OK 12 if we don’t count meal times. How come they don’t understand ‘relax‘ as a verb or command and can’t lie in – or are they just saving it up for the slothful teen years? And it’s only the first week….They keep me on my toes because they’re growing up all the time and as soon as I think I have them sussed they surprise me. Have you ever seen non -triplets have a 3 way slanging match? It’s not as ugly as it sounds because they don’t swear – at least not until the very, very last part if I intervene a little too late 🙂 I read somewhere that parents should stand back and ‘allow’ siblings to ‘resolve’ their own problems because they learn how to compromise this way…how long a time frame are we talking about for this? It’s not working so far!

Not very Jolly. So I packed my youngest 2 off to Day Camp while Tween and I escaped to London. I had an important errand to run anyway but not so important that she couldn’t come too. No guilt.

CCBACKPACKI love going into London very early in the morning when most commuters are safely installed at their workplaces and there are hardly any tourists on the streets. We made our way to New Bond Street and it was barely ready to open. Most places still had the cleaners sweeping the doorstep and vacuuming inside.

MAXMARAAt Max Mara, monochrome rarely fails to look sharp and elegant. PRADA2Retro at Prada. PRADASmaller bags are making a come back.K28SILKLINENOutside Hermès, carrying my Kelly 28 in black box leather and an Evirosax bag. Continue reading