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Indigo Love

SNEAKERSClarks Girl leather sneakers with elastic laces and hidden zip closure – fantastic if one is still learning to put shoes on all by oneself or an unfit, wide footed, middle aged mum! Wearing them with indigo denim – I promise I’ll put away all the jeans and wear other clothes once the weather warms up for good 🙂 Continue reading

Spring: Purple Chèvre

CHEVRETRIMLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #153

I don’t mean to give you a crick in the neck – so sorry –  but I’m still trying to find a good spot for photos 🙂 Very pleased to bring out another Trim (so this one isn’t lonely). Continue reading

White and Turquoise

WHITETURQCLOSEI’m having the best time indulging in my favourite Summer whites! This top isfrom Gap. It’s nicely sheer – not see through (which I don’t need) – it has a subtle pleat at each side of the neck giving it a controlled fullnes. It’s a very useful addition to the set of viscose tees I rotate regularly. Continue reading

Travel: Chinos and LBD Repeats

CHINOS2We went bowling in the mall with the kids and their friends. Luckily I was able to recycle the chinos that I wore as my travel outfit.  I went bowling only once before and this time I won! Continue reading


LASTPRINTJust added shots of the last time I wore it on holiday above and below when I had exactly 5 minutes to get ready to grab a quick dinner out.WRISTS2 UPDO3Minimal wrist adornments of purple Hapi bracelet and a silver cuff both by Hermès, Cartier watch and jade bangle. I almost never wear my hair up but sometimes the heat and humidity force me to. I simply gather it up into a messy bun secured with a small claw clasp.LASTPRINT3 Continue reading

The Bag Matrix

5KI always, always try to keep things as simple as possible, however, the process of choosing the right bags was anything but. Over the years, I made all the classic mistakes and it’s taken me this long, in my 5th decade to finally understand the factors that make a bag work for me and my life. The factors are Function, Size, Leather, Weight, Maintenance and Colour.

Functionand frequency of use are the guides for style and form of the bag. My needs have changed over the years and stabilised to 3 categories: smart (mostly day and much less evening), everyday casual and travel (infrequently). I still have lots of small mainly vintage bags left over from the days when I had more evening outings but I still treasure them.

Size – does matter but not in the obvious way – it’s the depth that counts! Some people simply don’t worry about the size of a bag in proportion to their height and size and I would love to be one of them but the fact is I feel uncomfortable carrying a bag that looks big enough for me to fit inside. Even though I’m petite, unfortunately I can’t shrink my bag essentials to match 🙂 The solution is making sure my bags have enough depth. I suppose this may be why flat hobo type bags and envelope clutches don’t look so good on me – they’re too flat and wide.

CELINECONTENTI have small, medium and large sizes. Above is an example of a small shoulder bag (about 10″ width) and contents. The standard depth is about 3″ wide and fits the above easily. I don’t carry much.

VINTAGESTRAWThese are a couple of my small vintage treasures: an Italian made straw clutch above,bluesequin2and an embroidered black fabric ‘dolly’ bag.KELLYCONTENT

Medium size such as my Kelly 32cm (just over 12″ width). I can fit my 80’s filofax as well like in the Chanel Jumbo (12″ width) below.CCAlthough the Chanel Jumbo is not as tall as the Kelly 32, it has a little more give because of the softer leather (washed caviar).DALVYDALVYFULLThe Dalvy appears to be larger on the outside (same width and even taller than the Chanel Jumbo), but inside capacity is less, about the same as my small bags. This is due to the rigid construction and firm leather (Vache Naturel).PLUME3INTERIORPLUMEMy Plume 32cm is the same width as the Kelly 32 but is deeper and the ‘suitcase’ shape gives it a lot more capacity. I use it for travel and as a tote at home.RUGBYSCARFRUGBYCONTENTThe Rugby bag is small, however, due to its slightly wider depth, can fit in more. I use this mainly on holiday or at home whenever I can get away with carrying the minimum.TRAVELBAGS

For the first time this year I tried the bag within a bag using my leather Longchamp tote and Kelly 28cm size bag (inside which I keep my bag of jewels so they are not checked in). The tote is about 14″ width and about 5″ deep so there’s ample space plus a little left for small souvenirs, notebook and snacks. The Longchamp tote is a great style to have. It has an inner pocket on the wall which means you can keep your wallet securely and the leather is light and durable – can’t ask for more! Continue reading