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The Wrong Cardi

WRONGCARDI15 Putting on my gloves and off to a morning meeting that included coffee and mince pies. I had thought about what to wear and decided on the pieces a couple days before but didn’t have a dress rehearsal 🙂 I was looking forward to wearing my Ralph Lauren cashmere skirt again here, here, this time with the Theory long black coat in keeping with the longer length. Continue reading


Cashmeres to Silk and Bouclé

SILKBOUCLE2Here from … Continue reading

Cashmere and Silk

CASHMERESILK3A repeat of the first outing for this Ralph Lauren cashmere skirt here, this time with the Theory ivory silk satin shirt also here, Mango grey cashmere cardigan, Hermès black CDC and vintage Faco Elan (added the Elan since the other Facos I’ve seen are more square) clutch in navy leather also here and here. For a simple adults only family meal out. Continue reading

Michelle Obama: a small (r)evolution – European tour May 2011

There were a few favourites among her wardrobe choices for this tour and it was interesting to compare with the last time soon after they had just settled into the White House. Overall I’m seeing more streamlining and less patterns that photograph better than a busy look but also shows a style maturity.

This electric blue skirt suit is by Preen and she wore it touching down on British soil. I adore the simple, uncluttered lines of this suit which was adapted for her. It is not unlike the beloved Chanel suits Jacqueline Kennedy favoured. I like that she adds a small amount of pattern and colour.

Of all her outfits I think this best illustrates her signature look of full skirt and her love of rich colours (although watered down to pastels here) and bold patterns. I like how she added a bolero jacket to give the shape extra drama. Instead of adding another colour into the mix as before, she sticks to a single tone for her accessories. The result is still a beautiful look but carefully simplified. Dress and jacket are by Barbara Tfank.

To me, this shows the First Lady’s small but important evolution into simpler lines without losing any of the punch of colours! I can’t think of anyone else in the world who can wear literally any colour with such ease and confidence. The dress is by Roksanda Ilincic and the jacket is Narciso Rodriguez. The dress has all the components of her signature style; sleeveless, rich, bold colour, waist emphasis, construction interest highlighted by the contrast edging. The differences are the flowing lines, plain colour and a narrower belt than the usual she favours. I think this is a supremely flattering dress especially around the shoulders and armhole and with the more natural waistline.

So this is by Tom Ford. I had a case of deja vu when I saw this because it reminds me so much of her Inaugural ball gown by Jason Wu. The colour is the same, ivory and there’s plenty of pleating in the whole full length gown. However this time, it’s plain, no self pattern, no embroidered flowers, nothing. Instead there’s the criss cross front, narrow bow and the long, long gloves.

I do think she looks great and she obviously feels it too. The only issue I have with MO is that she has such strong shoulders and upper arms that there’s no need to further emphasise them. Instead of wearing such cut away styles that make her shoulders appear bigger, I think the criss cross should be a little wider apart to keep in proportion with her overal frame. And that little part between the armpit and bust would be better covered. If she had very narrow shoulders of course the dress should cut in more.
About the gloves, I know they’re correct for such a formal occasion again, there’s just too much of them!
I would prefer the top part of the dress to have a delicate covering over the shoulders and for her to have worn elbow length gloves. That would have been perfection for me. Did you hear me, Tom?

And so we have the contrast, this Ralph Lauren black evening gown for the dinner in honour of Queen Elizabeth. In short, this is everything I ever wanted for her to wear! I love the off the shoulder bands. I love the compliment and contrast of the matt and shiny blacks. The lowered, oblique line of the waist perfectly elongates her short torso. The sweep of the skirt is perfect too and the jewels…rather big and bold but they complete the look beautifully. Michelle had her hair in that boyish parting when wearing another stunning black dress with tons of beaded necklaces. This time her height best serves her all the way! Bravo!!

Photos Mrs O.org/Daily Mail