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Closet Basic: Grey Bf Jeans

PINKYELLOWI’m trying to be a better gardener and getting close to nature on my hands and knees weeding 🙂 It’s progress for someone who doesn’t really ‘do’ outside in this way and a way to force myself to overcome lifelong phobias – yes it’s all true – gardening is very therapeutic!PINKROSES Sadly, they’re unscented – my wildest dream would be to have a garden bursting with fragrant blooms all year round! Then, maybe I’d be more ‘outdoors-y’. Continue reading


After the Rain

YELLOWROSE2 YELLOWROSEIn UK, there’s at least 865 different sorts of rain. At least. Well, the other day we enjoyed a rainstorm. My garden is grateful since the ground had cracks in it, however, the blooming yellow roses are plagued with aphids. I really have to take action!SHIRTDRESS A quickie outfit shot before we left to visit my MIL who is over 80, has osteoporosis and fell twice breaking a couple of bones. Thankfully she’s very slowly on the mend in hospital. Continue reading

A Rainbow in My Bag

KBRIQUE2I saw a photo of the contents of a woman’s bag years ago containing the usual items of wallet, card case, cosmetic bag etc, the difference was that they were all in the most beautiful colours I’d ever seen – yep, Hermès colours! I used to avoid bright colours on their own let alone together! Yet these colours were all different and didn’t clash, in fact they just intensified each other. That image had such an impact I decided there and then to do the same over time as and when my needs arose. And over time I noticed my wallet had become a most unattractive lump of jumbled receipts, vouchers, cards and cash. No matter how often I tidy it up, no sooner done than for it to happen again practically overnight – lumpier than ever! I’ve never been one for carrying everything but the kitchen sink in my bag so I realised perhaps only a little re-think was necessary. Not a complete overhaul but an adjustment to better suit my current and future needs whilst indulging in colours I love. Continue reading

Spring: Rouge H

ROUGEHSPRING2 This is a favourite silhouette – a much loved skirt and so versatile – really love wearing it with the cable jumper. I only managed to get the right lower waist/upper hip length by buying from the kids’ department (Gap).ROUGEHSPRING3I do feel the cold so this is just right without a coat – just slip on the shoes, pick up the bag and go! Continue reading

Basics: Casual and a Drag

DRAGCORDSI’m enjoying mixing textures when it never used to occur to me to give it much thought. These purple cords from Gap 1969 are such a joy to wear – I stumbled upon them thinking they were going to be a normal navy. The Banana Republic Men’s cashmere jumper has shrunk a bit but no matter, I just wear it as a closer fit and they have not piled or anything like that after two Winters. And the black nubuck Sam Edelman boots are as comfortable as ever. Continue reading

Colours: Teal, Brights and Grey

TEALPINKS2Knits are my default for ease of movement and comfort all year round. Since I tend to favour tailored styles for dresses, they’re easier to wear and look more casual in jersey. This is by Calvin Klein Collection also here. I went through a phase of buying too many sleeveless dresses and this is one of them. As I began to move away from my default neutrals, I plumped for teal without thinking too much about the colours to wear with it and how it would fit in with the rest of my closet. Those bad old days are mostly gone 🙂 Continue reading

Grey and Rouge H

GREYROUGEHI wear a lot of greys and knew to add brights to liven it up but rich colours also work for me like this Hermès Drag bag in their signature Rouge H colour. It was a very casual weekend cooking a full Sunday roast for lunch for the family and such a beautiful day I took her out for the first time. Continue reading