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The Luxembourg Wedding: Stéphanie and Guillaume

Saturday, 20th October  2012

I do love grand occasions such as Royal Weddings! Here is Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy of Belgium: her wedding dress is Elie Saab Haute Couture. My first thought was it’s not white enough. Everything is signature Elie Saab and fits her to perfection. Her brother, Count Jehan de Lannoy, walks her up the aisle. Her Prince is Guillaume of Luxembourg.

It looks white enough here though. The train is amazing!

This is how many people there were to rearrange it once she exited her car!

The back view is every bit as spectacular!

It looks perfectly white here. The gossamer veil and stunningly intricate material with beading.

Her hair and make up are perfect too! The low, large chignon is so glamorous and her Lannoy family tiara is exquisite – her gown matches it beautifully.

Well and truly married. The fit and length of her dress is perfection. I love how it’s snug at her hips and fans out gently and the understructure supports the flimsy but heavy lace material.

The representatives of the British Royal Family, Count and Countess of Wessex, Sophie and Edward who look very nice indeed. I adore Sophie’s dress and it’s such a shame her shoes had to be so tragic.

Stéphanie’s and Guillaume’s civil wedding ceremony the previous day. Look at the tiny Chanel bag! Therefore I presume her ensemble is also Chanel – very classic and lovely.

I think she has a very natural and serene kind of classic beauty.

, Absolutely one of the best dressed Royal weddings I’ve ever seen! She will renounce her Belgium citzenship. Many congratulations to the very happy couple who are Princess Stéphanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Thanks for reading!

Other outfits + guests

Maid of Honour, sister Pippa Middleton looked stunning in her simple and exquisitely cut fish tail gown also by Sarah Burton. It’s womanly, it’s sensuous, it’s covered up but still shows off her curves to perfection. It reveals a lot more about the generousity and self confidence of Catherine to sanction such a style. Both sisters favour blue as they know it particularly suits their warm skin tone and dark hair.

Catherine’s evening dress and day after dress both show how much thinner she is since the engagement announcement. In both cases, the dresses would best suit her when she was curvier. Let’s hope this is just a temporary thing.

In theory, Victoria Beckham had it all figured out. I do admire the stark simplicity and fluidity of the dress, even the hat. Two things let her down: her overdone eyes and the ultra exaggerated platforms.

This was not the place for high fashion. It looks completely out of place and she totally missjudged the tone of the occasion. Even if she’d worn navy cuban heels like the Queen, she would have looked better.

THE Wedding et al

Now that some time has passed, I’ve been able to digest and reflect a little on what I’ve seen of the marriage of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Who, in their right mind wouldn’t be nervous and opt to play it ‘safe’ or really insist on having exactly what they wanted for their day? If this is what happened then I am so glad they got their way! It was simple, it was true and it was personal. I must admit to being very moved by watching her parents’ faces, seeing her squeeze her father’s hand and keeping her composure. As for the wedding dress, well, it was everything that I like and have written about here before: lace, style, simplicity, more lace and femininity. There was never going to be any fashion statement in spite of Sarah Burton being the commissioned designer. What we got was a perfect combination of proportion, exquisite details, clever cutting, unobtrusive construction that will all bear scrunity for a very long time.

The Duchess bore herself extremely well, never faltered once though nerves were evident. She most definately wore the dress rather than the other way round. I love the neat bouquet too and how she kept her hair natural. Even the borrowed tiara wasn’t ostentatious and suited her perfectly well. As long as she remains true to herself, she won’t go far wrong.

Congratulations William and Kate!

At last, it’s official, they’re engaged (since October 2010 during a holiday in Kenya) and will marry in Spring or Summer 2011. Of course, a lot of the planning is already underway  and Kate may have already picked the designer for her wedding gown. I think she will choose a close fitting shape rather than a big ballgown.  Everyone must be hoping and wishing for the best for them.

Imagine he’s given her his mother’s engagement ring….how very touching. She’s now Catherine, officially Kate no more.