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CAMEL5I would like to dispense with the double wrap shawl by now but Spring, if it is that, is still pretty brutal in my neck of the woods? Et vous?CAMEL I made the effort to put a skirt on for 11’s with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in several months with the trusty Sergio Rossi knee boots and camel unlined Max Mara coat. Continue reading


Black and Camel (Hair)

PENCILCLOSE On the coldest day of Winter so far, I have the perfect answer – a vintage Camel hair long coat also here. Continue reading

Winter: Skirt and Boots

SKIRTBOOTS3Finally into my favourite Winter combination of warm skirt and knee boots. These knee boots took a while to find from this post by Sergio Rossi (I seem to have most luck with this brand in boots). They’re the plainest pair I could find. Continue reading

Floral Valentine

CABLEFLORALLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #149

I thought for sure my luck finally ran out for finding High Street treasures when I spotted this floral skirt at Oasis a few months ago and HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.

Continue reading

Red and Navy

RED15I love a few colours but never knew how to wear them when I was young. Among them a colour I loved but was actually afraid to wear even if I knew how to and that was red:  powerful, provocative, signifying life and all things lively to me. Continue reading