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Leather, Suede and Cashmere

LEATHERCASHMERE3A repeat of the first time I put the the suede boots and leather skirt together here. It’s a very comfortable outfit for me and the puffer coat makes it a bit more casual but I could have worn a pea or a long coat. Continue reading


Berry Shades and Camel hair

K32CAMEL2Freezing and windy combined is a weather condition I find particularly hard to deal with. Freezing and dry with a bit of sun thrown in, I can happily oblige as you can see. I didn’t even need my trusty beret but from chin downwards I’m cosy covered. Continue reading

Closet 2014: Matches Fashion – Shopping List 2/3

I had the pleasure of discovering a very nice online experience with Matches Fashion recently. Of course, I hadn’t aimed to expand on where I shop but it was simply a case of them offering exactly what I was looking for AND on sale!

The Matches Fashion sale is on final reductions in case anyone would like a little look 🙂

LANBOOTSBeautifully boxed. LANBOXI tried Lanvin shoes before and was disappointed with the quality and fit so was anxious to try again. Continue reading