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Winter: Skirt and Boots

SKIRTBOOTS3Finally into my favourite Winter combination of warm skirt and knee boots. These knee boots took a while to find from this post by Sergio Rossi (I seem to have most luck with this brand in boots). They’re the plainest pair I could find. Continue reading


Closet Update: New Pants

LONGCOATLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #147

Subtitles: Camel and Cashmere or Whip My Hair 🙂 Continue reading

Winter Cosy and the Shoulder Strap

TEASSo nice to have family together to enjoy tea and cake in between mega feasts. From oven to table, homemade banana cake which was half devoured in the seconds it took for me to snap the photo.GRANDETENUEHermès Grande Tenue shawl tied twice around the neck. Continue reading

Textures: Cosy

CASHCORDSANGORAThere’s nothing like a virus sweeping through the family and a further week of fighting it off to leave me reaching for the cosiest layers when having to step outdoors! And the extreme dampness almost suffocates so apologies for looking a bit grey …. CASHCORDSANGORA2The mix: vintage Jaeger cashmere coat, Gap 1969 cords and ancient Top Shop angora beret (that refuses to die) – cashcordsgora? Also a grey Zara Girls cotton v neck jumper. Continue reading

Closet 2014: Reflections, Reactions and Thank You!

BLACKBLUES I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We’re still trying to get back to routine and a new year brings changes that have to be accommodated somehow. I’ve been reading with much interest everyone’s resolutions or lack thereof or anti resolutions and thinking about what I’m going to do this year. Continue reading