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Wellies, Wool and Happy Chinese New Year!


Kung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year to all!

My wellies are getting used a lot these last few weeks when the weather is mild but wet, wet, wet! My little town is classed as ‘rural’ but I disagree so wear wellies with pencil skirts and dresses: practical and smart enough.WOOLWELLIESThe greys look washed out in the photos but they are warmer irl. Actually it turned out to be so mild I felt too warm in this outfit. I could easily have worn a trench or left out the cashmere scarf, which reminds me to get my Spring edit together. We’re planning a family get together at the weekend to celebrate the Year of the Snake Horse and an 80th birthday – hope you all have a great weekend!

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Winter Orange

ORANGESCARF2Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I managed to combine all my favorutie neturals with a flash of orange. As the temperature descends, so the layers build up on my basic bf jeans and jumper. Out comes my vintage Top Shop angora beret, Banana Republic scarf also here and the fleece lined wedge booties by D Co Copenhagen also from last year. Continue reading

Tailored to the Snow

BLUESBLACKThis must be one of my most mixed up outfits in terms of number of brands – 11 in total including sunglasses! And that’s how I like it. So April brings snow and not the usual rain showers though you can’t quite see it in the photo. The temperature was barely above freezing but by now, I’ve had quite enough practice dressing warmly without resorting to eiderdown, fleece nor quilting 🙂

A simple J Crew long sleeve tee, vintage Escada cashmere cardigan, wool Crombie coat by Tommy Hilfiger, Zara peg top trousers, patent leather brogues by Apologie, finished off with Banana Republic cashmere stole wrapped around 3 times, vintage Topshop beret, Hermès belt, old M&S leather gloves and Versace studded bag that’s proved to be pretty weatherproof.

Spring Edit 2013: trousers and brogues

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Spring Fluo Pink Velvet

PINKVELVET4Linking to Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I’m trying my best to usher in Spring with the help of the sunshine this week. My pink velvet skirt is vintage Jaeger and a favourite here, here and here. The clutch is vintage Fendi. Continue reading

Snow Brogues, Silk Spots and Cashmere

SNOWBROGUES Ah yes, Spring in UK has sprung more snow! I used to dislike Winter so much until I realised the key is simply to keep warm and it’s a welcome bonus if you can look vaguely smart at the same time but warmth is definitely priority. I’m a tropical creature by nature and always feel the cold. My nearest and dearest is convinced I’m the missing link between reptile and human! Continue reading

Vintage Blue, Grey and Orange


Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

Sorry for the long face – had a very trying week with 2 virus ridden kids, coughing all day and night. I’m still suffering a diluted attack while both kids are well on the mend now. I was actually glad to be out during a break in the rain! Continue reading