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SPRINGThere’s no denying it anymore – I have gained something like 6kg in the last year and it has to go back to wherever it came from! It may not sound like much but I would need to grow taller by at least 60cm to spread that extra weight out 🙂 Honestly I have never dieted my whole life and I am not about to start now in my 49th year. Well because I am 49 this year, it becomes harder to maintain a stable weight. OK, it’s harder to maintain anything really …. Continue reading


Khaki and Brique

KHAKIBRIQUEJune already – halfway through the year – can’t believe it! I guess most of that was taken up with preparing, moving and unpacking for me – see the growing hill of green? Well another great thing about khaki is that I love wearing it with rusty, reddish brown accessories. Of all the reds out there, I think this is the most versatile for me – softer than orange or true reds. Continue reading

Closet Basics: Black Legging Jeans

SKINNYBLACK4I’m joining (late) with Happiness in Mid Life for my very first Throwback Thursday Link Up

I enjoyed wearing the white version so much last year here, here and here that I put the black version on the shopping list. In both cases I had sized up because I don’t wear anything as tight as leggings so they are effectively skinny fit on me. These are a nice stretch cotton and not the proper denim like these. Continue reading

Linens, Jeans, Cashmere and Trench

LINENSStarted off the day early with linens – Gap tunic shirt and tailored pants, Mango cashmere cardi and My Suelly pointy toe brogues with ancient leather Longchamp Roseau tote. NEUTRALSBy afternoon changed the pants to Gap 1969 grey bf jeans for errands and more house work. Continue reading

Check Shirt and Short Trench


The school holidays are upon us this week and I’ve been busy not just with the kids but a big project so haven’t had the chance to prepare anything special for Chinese New Year of the Ram. We’ll be going out to dinner but had wanted to do something at home which is now one more thing to put off for another few weeks …

So mild the day I wore this outfit last week, no need for a scarf even! Very casual weekend wear for me. Continue reading

‘A’ Line Forever

ALINE5Er no, that’s not snow on my head, it’s the natural white highlights! So for a rainy day, I tried out a flared jersey skirt by Carven. It’s an odd blue, a cheap kind of navy but that’s ok because everything else more than makes up for the lack of colour integrity. Continue reading

Autumn Double Denim and Black Accessories

NEWLAWI found my denim shirt afterall the searching high (end) and low (end) and everything in between :-). At H&M Boys of course! Here with old Gap 1969 grey bf jeans and short dark blue trench, black leather Mysuelly flats and Hermès Kelly 28 in black box leather. NEWLAW2I had several specific requirements for the denim shirt, slim fit, slim sleeves, light weight denim, right shade of blue and no extra embellishments. This has it all. I like that it looks good buttoned right up plus the real pockets. Continue reading