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Casual Vintage

VINTAGECOAT3The best way I like to wear vintage these days is casually, with simple dresses and skirts or jeans. These two pieces are a vintage tweed coat by Wetherall and a Miel alligator Hermès Cordeau bag also here. Continue reading


Pastels and Spring Tweed

PASTEL2Last outfits using my neighbour’s fence as backdrop. Ever. We moved, before finishing unpacking or anything, launched straight into sleepover party mode for Teen’s belated birthday celebration and big family gathering for Easter! Vintage Wetherall tweed coat in sky sblue/cream/beige also here, is a perfect cover up for Spring. It takes a while for me to peel off the layers and I’m still wearing a thermal vest under The Cashmere Company jumper. Continue reading

Vintage Tweed Coat

TWEEDLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I thrifted this check tweed coat a while ago last year here and was going to shorten the sleeves but changed my mind. I really, really dislike alterations of any kind and can’t even remember why I wanted to do it in the first place. Anyway, it feels sooo good to wear it now. As with most vintage items, they look better worn with modern basics. Continue reading