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Closet Update: New Pants

LONGCOATLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #147

Subtitles: Camel and Cashmere or Whip My Hair 🙂 Continue reading


Winter Cosy and the Shoulder Strap

TEASSo nice to have family together to enjoy tea and cake in between mega feasts. From oven to table, homemade banana cake which was half devoured in the seconds it took for me to snap the photo.GRANDETENUEHermès Grande Tenue shawl tied twice around the neck. Continue reading


PUFFAI’ve always wanted a puffa jacket but everything that can go wrong in a normal jacket for me such as too big shoulders, too long sleeves, excessive bulk are further magnified in a padded version. Until this came along. Continue reading