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Spring: Bomber and Spots

BOMBERSPOTS3Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I’ve been battling broadband issues all week and hope this post manages to publish so will keep it short. I’m in slightly warmer clothes but trying to keep it light all the same. The UK weather has turned freezing cold again – of course – may have to pull the knee boots back out … aargh! Continue reading


Spring Layers

SPRING As we bask in glorious sunshine and temperatures in the teens, I still hang on to my layers – it takes more than that to have me strip! I wore a long sleeve thermal vest under the Zara Kids cotton jumper, Theory wool flannel crop pants, socks and suede wedge booties. I didn’t need a coat but hung on to the scarf 🙂 I have not managed to get the Spring stuff ready yet beyond a collection of lists in my notebook.

That was yesterday and today is even warmer so I’m wearing my denim dress with bare legs – yay! Hope you’re enjoying good weather this weekend too!

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London Baubles and Rain

XMASTREEThere’s no avoiding the rain or worse these last few weeks *sigh*. I wouldn’t mind so much if I had got round to clearing all the dead leaves off my grass and now they’re rotting away and poisoning the turf. [I haven’t had much luck at all with my grass and I’m dreading Spring!]BAUBLESAnyway we enjoyed a few hours of London and soaked (ha!) in the xmas decorations and spirit (Covent Garden) as we squashed – the crowds – our way around. Continue reading

Small Town to Big City

I spent a couple of days (sans enfants) in London and enjoyed it a lot! It was just long enough to relax and reflect before any kind of boredom had the chance to set in. As a former resident I never had the need to stay in a hotel in the capital before. It’s really nice to re-discover London as a mock-country-dwelling-tourist.

CCH On the train: Brown Caviar Chanel Jumbo, Hermès Coup de Fouet scarf, envirosax. I love train travel when it’s off peak and empty.GREY3I freshened up on our arrival at the hotel and changed into a grey shift with zip details (Michael Kors) for a buffet dinner. The cardigan is my old faithful cashmere (Escada) with a couple of Hermès cuffs, python Jimmy Choo kitten heels and caviar Chanel Jumbo. That drawing by Picasso behind me happens to be one of my most favourites. Continue reading

Double Stripes

GREYSTRIPE2This is a Zara Boys’ jumper from the Christmas sales and so very comfy! I couldn’t wait to wear it with my jeans. At the last minute I added an old silk scarf. This scarf was bought when I was 16 on holiday and has been used a lot all these years – it’s more than vintage, an antique maybe? Although not seen, my belt is in fact a bold vintage python to break up the grey. I’m finding that a touch of exotic add much needed interest to my beloved neutrals. Give me a bit more time as I’m working up to adding pops of colour!

STRIPECLOSEUPColours have more contrast in real life and here’s the python belt.PYTHONSTRIPESThe navy jersey Chanel bag I’m carrying is another one of my treasures. It’s vintage, possibly from the 70’s when Coco Chanel was still alive. I’m wearing the strap single and as you can see it’s pretty short but perfect for me! It was obviously well looked after and loved and I like to think of it as a connection to Chanel herself before the modern era when Karl Lagerfeld took over.

Note to self: when sleeves obscure the wrist, remember to wear rings!

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2013: Year of Maintenance


Linking to Not Dead Yet Style for Patti’s Visible Monday

My ‘we are not amused face’! The realisation I still have a pile of alterations even though I tackled a stack before the holidays. The skirt is my warm go to in the Winter months and I’m really happy (honest!) my new-to-me studded bag updates it a little for this year. But it’s long overdue a shortening of a few inches and there are dresses, trousers too. Not just my clothes but now I’m back to eating properly and moving as much as possible (I am so not a gym or jogging person). Every year it gets harder to do this but every year my body very clearly tells me it ain’t what it used to be! Fortunately I love vegetables and salads.PRAWNSALADSainsbury’s prawn salad is yum! I shouldn’t have poured the dressing on so generously but well it was the holidays. I’m going to try cutting down on meat (beef and pork first)  in my every day meals and replacing them with vegetables and fish. Even prawns aren’t ideal since they are high in cholestrol. Let’s see how long I can last…..

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